“Simplicity and beauty of space, a place of calm and conducive to musing, underscored by Marcelle de Lacour’s mysterious presence, that adds a sort of magical aura to the Château.  One immediately feels at home with the place and has a sense of collaboration with that most original musician who seeks to make us comfortable in a kind of free and relaxed graciousness.

The Château is a place conducive to creativity, and for aspiring artists it will become a wonderful spot in which to work and relax.  Generally coming from great metropolitan environments, they will indeed have the possibility for artistic creativity in a tranquil ambiance, away from social disturbances, while profiting from contacts with nature and drawing inspiration from it.

The Château can host the artists for variable periods of time, providing them with a place for a reflective retreat (small living accommodations, music rooms, a library of Foundation archives, and an information room), walks in the region, making contacts among local inhabitants, and enjoying a variety of musical events.”

In that way a musician is able to experience the full spirit of the place.