Remise des prix à la fondation Singer-Polignac

Remise des prix du concours de composition Marcelle de Lacour pour le clavecin 2013.

Membres du jury :

  • Elizabeth Chojnacka Pologne
  • Thomas Adès Royaume-Uni
  • Thierry Escaich France
  • Stefano Gervasoni Italie
  • Philippe Hersant France

Les lauréats :

  • Premier prix : Antoine Fachard, Suisse
  • Deuxième prix : Charlotte Marck, France
  • Troisième prix : Grégoire Rolland, France

Les œuvres primées sont données en première audition mondiale dans le cadre d’un concert sur invitation à l’issue de la remise des prix.
Ce concert donné par l’ensemble Le Balcon aura lieu à la fondation Singer-Polignac le mardi 10 décembre 2013 à 20h.


May 24, 2012:  a presentation by CD Maratka/ chamber music by the Calliopée Ensemble and Sandrine Charton, harp solo, performed in Paris at the Czech Cultural Center.

Two works are recorded on this CD – Praharphona Sextet and Hypnozy

Commentary by the lead composer of the Praharphona Sextet:
“The work takes its inspiration from the city of Prague. Framed by eight movements, several sequences reflect diverse phenomena, situations, images and allusions with no logical narrative, but always closely bound to its place. They grow out of simple dedications.”

The title of the work is formed from the words, harp, the chosen solo instrument and Prague, the composer’s beloved birthplace and his source of inspiration.

Marie-Hélène Bernard on Contemporary Reencounters

May 19, 2012, the world première of “To Double-Breasted Strings,” a composition for harpsichord and Shamisen lute by Marie-Hélène Bernard, performed at the Moudeyres Church in Haute-Loire, as part of Contemporary Reencounters (

Marie-Hélène Bernard writes:
“Upon discovering this original duo (harpsichord and traditional Japanese three-stringed lute called a Shamisen), I was able to grasp a rich musical potential and I began to imagine the multiple possibilities of inter-crossings of these two instruments with plucked strings, so geographically distant the one from the other — the use of a harpsichord on the one hand and the instrument played with a pick on the other hand, giving them a really distinctive sound identity, which will be interesting in contrast and indeed in bringing them together.”

Laure Morabito playing the harpsichord and Fumie Hihara the Shamisen lute were the performers at the concert.

Olivier Vernet – Release of the CD, The Soul’s Lyre (La Lyre de l’âme)

May 30, 2012

Release (Publication) of the CD, The Soul’s Lyre (La Lyre de l’âme), a work for organ by Marie-Joseph Alexandre Déodat de Séverac by Olivier Vernet and the Children’s Choir of Colmar under the direction of Arlette Steyer on Ligia Digital.

The church organ occupies a distinguished and privileged place in the history of music. From the plethora of works written for it to its ambiguous popularity, rather through some secret agreement, there is a continuous and passionate relationship between composer and instrument, “The Soul’s Lyre.”

The three works for organ are performed on the great Dominique Thomas organs of the Monaco Cathedral, and the Children’s Choir of Colmar was produced at the Church of Saint-Laurent de Sausheim.

The Trio Dauphine at The Church of Saint-Désiré

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Church of Saint-Désiré at Byans-sur-Doubs

TRIO DAUPHINE: Clara Izambertharp, Marie Van Rhijn harpsichord, Maud Giguet violin

Organized by the town council of Byans-sur-Doubs, at the Church of Saint-Désiré, with the assistance of the La Basol Association and the Montbéliard Regional Music Conservatory.

Program: Music from the time of Marie-Antoinette

Download the program (in french)