de Lacour Foundation

At the close of that fall day in 1996 when she celebrated her 100th birthday by giving a piano recital for her friends, Marcelle de Lacour expressed an emotion she felt so deeply:  “This has been a memorable day.”  She wrote those words on her performance card.

Day after day the Foundation — through the artists and creators it encourages, those who sponsor competitions, those who will become donors, benefactors or presenters — walks a fertile pathway along which exceptional works will surely develop and come to fruition.

Pascal Pouliquen, President


Concert “Les Lamentations du Prophète Jérémie” Tuesday, March 3rd 2015 during the festival Musiques à Versailles.

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Please take a look at ways to support our work by designating a contribution to assist the artists or directing it toward the restoration and rehabilitation of the Château de Fourg.

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