Marie-Hélène Bernard on Contemporary Reencounters

May 19, 2012, the world première of “To Double-Breasted Strings,” a composition for harpsichord and Shamisen lute by Marie-Hélène Bernard, performed at the Moudeyres Church in Haute-Loire, as part of Contemporary Reencounters (

Marie-Hélène Bernard writes:
“Upon discovering this original duo (harpsichord and traditional Japanese three-stringed lute called a Shamisen), I was able to grasp a rich musical potential and I began to imagine the multiple possibilities of inter-crossings of these two instruments with plucked strings, so geographically distant the one from the other — the use of a harpsichord on the one hand and the instrument played with a pick on the other hand, giving them a really distinctive sound identity, which will be interesting in contrast and indeed in bringing them together.”

Laure Morabito playing the harpsichord and Fumie Hihara the Shamisen lute were the performers at the concert.