The Marcelle and Robert de LACOUR Foundation for Music and Dance, in a general way creates, provides and organizes any action intended to protect and enrich musical heritage, and in particular that which is proposed by young composers for the harpsichord, pianoforte, organ and harp.

Marcelle de Lacour, the Foundation’s creator, stated three missions:
– First, to offer at the Château de Fourg a contextual framework for musical composition, interpretation, studies and research for musicians, musicologists, composers or choreographers, as well as for interpreters, instrumentalists, singers and dancers, both French and from around the world, in situations involving, but not necessarily the Besançon International Music Festival.

– Second, to foster in these expressions, as extensions of the first mission – concerts, performances, conferences, academic courses, without the list in any way being limited or circumscribed by the general parameters.

– Third, to gather and archive all the documents and pieces relative to music history in the possession of Marcelle de Lacour, and to develop their contents.

Recognized as a public entity in 2000, the Foundation has its headquarters at the Château de Fourg, in the Doub Department of the Franche-Comté and carries on its various activities in Besançon and Paris, while the Château undergoes renovation and updating.