The safeguarding of an existing heritage and the creation of contemporary performing and living spaces.

The Foundation, its friends and managing partners are committed to the preservation of the heritage of Fourg – the Château’s structure, the plantings, the furnishings and the documents which become the creative context for the compositions and interpretations of the musicians living in residence.

The most important task to be accomplished is the rehabilitation of the general framework, with three essentials:
– To preserve and amplify the beauty of the place, first as a source of inspiration for coming generations of residents;
– To incorporate the elements of the comforts of everyday living and to supply such contemporary operational facilities as a recording studio;
– To assure the lowest possible expenditure of funds for the Foundation’s functioning and future upkeep.

The thoroughness of this approach will necessitate a bidding competition among outside financial experts.

The grounds’ vegetation have been the object of selective cutting and pruning, along with the removal of great old trees coming to the end of life, with the concurrence of the Center for Vocational Training and Agricultural Promotion of Chateaufarine ( and of the Association Bisontine of ( of Besançon, with a return to the Park’s layout at the end of the 18th century serving as the guideline for new development while respecting the constraints of ecological balance.

As part of a very dynamic exchange with the Saint Joseph Vocational Professional School of Besançon (, certain pieces of the Château’s furnishings have been assigned to students for restoration and refurbishing in the school’s Department of Woodworking. The students acquire hands-on practical training and the furnishings are returned to an original and usable condition. The Foundation also invites the students to attend concerts of the Besançon International Music Festival, which is a first-time discovery of Classical music for some.

Certain conserved documents are on loan to the Association for the History of Customs’ Administration of La Rochelle and have facilitated the clarification of the career of Henri Fine at that great 19th century institution.

Marcelle de Lacour’s musical instruments and all those bequeathed to the Foundation are to be played by the musicians within the spaces of the Château adapted for their use.