Support for composers and interpreters alike inspired the conduct of Marcelle de Lacour’s actions throughout her long and productive career:
– participating in the rediscovery of forgotten works, around carefully chosen themes;
– inspiring the creation of a heritage of contemporary compositions; and contributing to their distribution.

In that way, the Foundation launched in 2007 a competition for a harpsichord composition.  At the end of the contest, as part of the Festival of Auvers-sur-Oise, Thierry Escaich, administrator and director of the Foundation’s artistic committee, wrote:

“The aim of the competition is to create an actual current repertoire for the harpsichord. The instrumental strength chosen as a point of reference was the Concerto for Harpsichord and Chamber Ensemble by Manuel de Falla, so that these new works would be played in the future as complements to that essential 20th piece for the harpsichord. Like the organ, the harpsichord can aspire to find a place in future creativity, while continuing to set forth the musical heritage of which it is part.”